Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two for One

I received this submission from my wife's Grandfather:

There was an old monk who lived in Siberia,
who found life steadily drawing drearier.
One day he broke form his cell with a helluva yell
and eloped with the Mother Superior!!!!

Here's one from me:

Mother Angelica Receives Honorary Law Degree from Ave Maria Law

Who says that the girls have no say
'Bout issues our Church has today?
Just look at the nun*
Who seems just darn fun.
Her 'postulate's faithful, will pray.

*Mother Angelica is technically a mother (sister superior; non-cloistered), not a nun (cloistered).

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May We Open the Religious Life to Our Children

If priesthood would be their vocation,
If cloisters would be their location
For doing God's Will
May they take their fill
Of His Love for them by acclamation.

(acclamation n. = An expression of enthusiastic approval)

On Silencing the Message

(1) Premiere of Abortion Industry Exposé Delayed by Pro-Abort Activists
(2) Calgary U Finds Pro-Life Students Guilty over Display
(3) Silence Debate at College

Abortion's for most a non-issue.
It's industry won't show the issues.
But if others do
Show photos, reviews,
Pro-'borts end up squashing the news.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Limerick Contest I

Finish the Limerick (no crude body references, please):

There once was a man named Barack,

(again, no crude body references, please)

Mama Kagan

(1) Elena Kagan chosen by Obama for Supreme Court
(2) Updated: Obama to Pick Pro-Abort Elena Kagan for Supreme Court
Mama Cass

Obama cited what he called Kagan's "openness to a broad array of viewpoints" and her "fair mindedness." [In other words, she will ignore the U.S. Constitution and history where necessary to suit her ideology, just like [Pres.] Obama.]

Elena Kagan

Despite what the news says she's brought,
I think that we've all got a shot:
Ev'n though she's so young
She might be among
Those whose weight will cut short what she's got.

BTW, Mama Cass didn't die from choking on a bone. She officially died from natural causes exasperated by her weight.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Pill in the News is Less-Appreciated

(1) America's favorite birth control method turns 50
(2) Andrew Breitbart: 'The Left is, in Essence, the Media'
(3) More Abortions Coming from Poor, Minority Women: Guttmacher
The FDA's response to the hazards of the pill led to greater access to safety information for patients, another less-appreciated part of the pill's legacy.

Today's pill, with much lower doses of hormones, is much safer than the pill of 50 years ago. And it may even be good for you.

And it didn't eliminate all unwanted pregnancies either. Nearly half of all pregnancies to U.S. women are unintended and nearly half of those end in abortion, according to the Guttmacher Institute, which has gathered data on abortions for years.
As suffragists worked for the vote, renowned birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger distributed pamphlets with contraceptive advice and dreamed of a magic pill to prevent pregnancy.

Her grandson, Alex Sanger, 62, now chair of the International Planned Parenthood Council, remembers playing catch as a boy with his famous grandmother and eating her firehouse-spicy food.

"My grandmother had the idea for the pill back in 1912 when she was working on the lower East Side of New York," Alex Sanger said. "She saw women resorting to back alley, illegal abortions. One too many of these women died in her arms and she said 'Enough.'
-Carla K. Johnson, AP Medical Writer

The Pill: don't you know that it would
Push Sanger right up to sainthood.
'Cept preborns are killed
When prescriptions are filled.
Now hormones are lower: That's good?

Revenge in Vaccine Form

(1) Polish Parents Group Launches Campaign For Ethical-Origin Vaccines
(2) Study Confirms Autism Boom - Correlates with Aborted Fetal DNA in Vaccines
(3) (Click on "Vaccine Sources" on the left)

In many vaccines they are fused:
Aborted kids' cells - they are used.
More Autism strikes,
The rate it sure spikes:
It's revenge on the world by th'abused.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Imagine Sen. Mikulski with DHS

(1) Mikulski files for Senate re-election campaign
(2) Did DHS pressure teen to get abortion?

US Senior Sen. Mikulski (1) was a social worker in Maryland, (2) co-sponsored FOCA, (3) claims to be Roman Catholic, (4) ran against Alan Keyes for U.S. Senate (MD) just like [Pres] Obama did in Illinois, and (5) spends money like there is no tomorrow (almost literally). Everyone loves her since she spends tax money on them (except those who don't think she should spend tax payer money like water).

Mikulski for Senate forever:
Her spending is quite an endeavor.
Her populist stance
Puts all in a trance
T'ward debt that seems light as a feather.


If DHS had her on staff,
Would teenagers also get gaffed,
Cajoled with threats?
I'd place some bets
Mikulski would force the distaff.

(BTW, I'd hope to be wrong.)

distaff = Woman as a group
gaff = Slang. Harsh treatment : abuse
(Webster's II Dictionary, 3rd ed. Houghton Mifflin Co. 2005)